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The Summer Sun Festival
A party that history will never forget

(All characters begin in the Castle of the Two Sisters at the Summer Sun Festival, mere minutes before the sun is to be risen by the illustrious Princess Celestia to begin the longest day of the year.)

As everyone enters the castle (the open invitation had been spread far and wide across the realm), many different races of ponies are seen, including a sea pony, and even a gryphon! The hustle and bustle of the crowd at an event like this is something rarely seen in all of pony history, and both it and the castle are truly spectacular to behold, despite the inherent gloominess within the surrounding Everfree Forest. Guards check everyone’s belongings at the door, specifically demanding any kind of items that could be used as weapons to stay in their possession as long as you are in attendance.

Autumn Draught enters the castle, thrusting her belongings upon a guard before dashing off towards the gardens to put as much distance between herself and the crowd as possible. Sunny Beach, receiving a plethora of gazes due to her enthralling beauty, seems to enchant everypony she passes. With sea ponies being a rare sight for anyone, her beauty and intrigue earn her a considerable amount of attention. Guidmulo enters the castle as well, causing quite a stir. The guards allow him to pass, despite considerable consternation visible on their faces, and many ponies, particularly ponies who had been alive during the war, glare at him with uneasy expressions. This tense wave of attention doesn’t seem to affect Guidmulo at all, as he gleefully begins his search for a dessert table (but fails to find it.)

Princess Celestia is regally perched upon her throne, warmly smiling and chatting with individuals who had formed a line in front of her to speak with her and obtain autographs. Next to her is Starswirl the Bearded, a famed wizard who seems not particularly comfortable with this kind of party environment. Though his garb makes him easily recognizable, his appearance is quite striking, but he nonetheless remains dutifully by Princess Celestia’s side. Princess Luna is present, but she appears to be pacing back and forth near her throne, not really speaking with anypony.

Sunny Beach joins the line to speak with Princess Celestia, the Princess she worships and loves, while Guidmulo continues to search for sweets and Autumn sips cider outside, uncomfortably observing those in the party. As Sunny approaches the Princess, she kneels and declares herself as an oracle, asking Princess Celestia why she had been chosen, and referencing her cutie mark. Celestia smiles and assures Sunny that she must have a great potential within her, while Starswirl is suddenly quite interested and awkwardly begins examining Sunny’s cutie mark. In the midst of this, Sunny notices Princess Luna is wearing a clearly upset expression on her face.

Princess Celestia excuses herself from conversation with Sunny, and rises up. With a magically amplified voice, Celestia declares that it’s time to bring forth the sun and begin the longest day of the year. Her horn begins to glow a majestic gold, and through a massive window behind her, the sun begins to come up and bring forth the day. Everypony cheers and clops their hooves on the ground happily.

Shortly after the moon has disappeared beneath the horizon, some ponies begin to notice that Princess Luna is no longer present. Starswirl whispers something to Princess Celestia, and the two of them suddenly depart up a guarded staircase and through doors on the southern side of the Great Hall. He could be heard by Sunny Beach mentioning that something didn’t feel quite right.

Autumn had been in the rear of the Hall to watch the sunrise, and noticed Princess Celestia and Starswirl hurrying off. She begins to sense the magic around her, and feels some strange, otherworldly power. Something was simply wrong about it, and she knows she needs to act. Attempting to find the source, she gallops straight to the most suspicious character in the room, Guidmulo, and begins sniffing him. Sunny, who had been nearby, inquires as to Autumns actions and expresses a desire for friendship. Unaffected by Sunny’s charms, Autumn refuses her and runs to the staircase, demanding that the guards let her through or summon Starswirl. Sunny and Guidmulo follow.

After some arguing, a guard runs up the stairs to retrieve Starswirl and Celestia, but by the time they emerge from the room, a figure suddenly teleports from behind Luna’s throne. It was Luna herself, and a dark expression is on her face. Angrily, she exclaims at Celestia, condemning her sister for the praise and love ponies gave her for the day while her and her night was ignored, and that there can only be one Princess in Equestria. At that, a darkness suddenly envelopes Luna’s body, and she transforms into a dark pony bearing armor and an evil expression. Guidmulo notices she is also suddenly wearing a strange, unrecognizable necklace, while Starswirl mutters under his breath that he should have seen this sooner, and that this isn’t Luna anymore…

Luna, now calling herself Nightmare Moon, suddenly uses her magic to raise the moon in front of the sun, bringing darkness. Blasting a hole in the wall where the moon was visible to those in the Great Hall, dark shadows come forth from the moon itself, manifesting on the ground all over amongst the ponies. Touching some, the ponies that were struck didn’t get hurt or die, but rather suddenly collapsed on the ground and seem to be sleeping.

Starswirl immediately demands that everyone leave, and most of the ponies in attendance begin to flee the Hall in a panic. Guards move forward and begin stabbing some shadows with their spears. Autumn makes a bee-line for the door and retrieves her pack from the guard’s storage room, producing her vials to quickly make bombs that engulf the shadows in flame when struck. Guidmulo begins swooping past the shadows, picking up ponies and carrying several of them to safety (although they probably would’ve preferred he at least given them a somewhat softer landing.) Sunny is able to gently heal some ponies that had been forced asleep by the touch of the shadows, stuck in some awful nightmare.

While the battle and evacuation continues, Celestia battles with her sister, both using god-like forces from their horns as they fly around. Though Nightmare Moon is able to summon more shadows, Starswirl is able to kill more than one with a single attack, and helps to save many. Celestia seems to really be holding back, reluctant to fight her own family, until she is struck to the ground. In response, she magically opens a hole in the floor of the Great Hall, a stone statue with smaller stones around it lifting out of the ground. These items are revealed to be magical gems known as the Elements of Harmony, and Celestia uses their power to absolutely overcome Nightmare Moon.

After Nightmare Moon’s defeat, Celestia collapses to the ground, crying. Autumn snaps at Starswirl to go to her, and assists Guidmulo in finishing off the remaining shadows. Guidmulo, recognizing that this seems more violent that he thought a pony celebration would be, is questioning whether or not this is normal for a festival. Sunny runs to her Princess’s side, doing what she can to comfort her as well. Starswirl then notices a shimmer where Nightmare Moon fell, and begins casting a complicated spell that moves this shimmer into the moon itself. A face appears in the moon… The Mare in the Moon.

With the danger gone, Autumn collapses to the ground in hysterical tears as well, her Princess that she worshipped suddenly transformed into some evil thing and now essentially gone. The damage to the castle is very severe, and the sadness in the eyes of the ruler that all of Equestria looks to can’t be overstated.

Introduction: The Founding of Equestria
Setting, backstory, and characters

As far back as it is known, three great pony tribes existed in the early days before the great nation of Equestria came to be.

Earth Ponies: Hardy ponies with a magical affinity with the earth, this tribe is known for their strength and oneness with nature.

Pegasi: Dextrous and winged, pegasi, living amongst the clouds, have long been recognized for their military culture, as well as using their magical affinity for the sky to control the weather and seasons.

Unicorns: General magic-wielders and often ponies of affluence, these ponies have long worked in unison to combine their magic and manipulate the heavens, ceremoniously bringing about the sun and the moon every day.

Before Equestria, the three tribes shared an uneasy truce with one another in an effort to benefit from the abilities of each. Earth ponies shared their bountiful food stores, pegasi helped bring about good weather and the changing of the seasons, and unicorns combined their magic in large numbers to raise and lower the sun and moon to create day and night.

One day, wendigos came upon the tense civilization and found easy prey amongst the threadbare relationships between the pony tribes. As a creature that feeds off of hatred, it wasn’t long before the prejudices held between each tribe for the others helped the wendigos to become stronger, and they begin using their magic to bring ice upon the land.

As the blizzard created by the wendigos escalated and the land grew increasingly barren, food became scarce, and the three tribes began to accuse one another of being responsible for the hardship. Arguments escalated to fights which escalated to even more hatred, and soon, the wendigos had turned the once-lush land into a veritable tundra.

Eventually, surviving ponies made their way far south to find a new land to call home, abandoning their frozen homeland forever. Through the migration, the advisors of each tribe had found the reason and strength in nurturing the Friendship between each other, and the leaders saw that this was good as well. After some time, the wendigos found that they had no hatred to feed on, and they finally ceased to prey upon the ponies.

Settling in a beautiful land, the pony tribes agreed that uniting under a single banner was the best idea for the future of their kin, and the new nation was dubbed Equestria. Here, ponies of all races could coexist and benefit from each other, realizing at last the value in seeing the similarities in each other rather than just the differences.

During this time, two alicorns, rare ponies with god-like powers and the affinities of all pony races, were discovered. Two sisters, Celestia and Luna, were warmly welcomed into Equestrian society, and respectively took on the roles as Princesses responsible for raising and lowering the sun and moon each day, leaving unicorns to focus their magics on their special destinies, or performing other duties for the community. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna moved into a castle that came to be known as the Castle of the Two Sisters, and have ruled from there for the past ~20 years.

In this time, the Princesses’ efforts have driven off powerful enemies that threatened the new land of Equestria, and even entered the first-known treatise with Gryphonkind after diplomatic talks and the introduction of sweets into their society, which they prize nearly as much as gold (but not quite as much.) Equestria has been flourishing under the rule of the two Princesses, despite attacks from would-be evildoers and ponies of older generations still being part of the prejudiced culture that existed between the separate tribes before the new nation came into being.

As we begin our adventure, you have been invited to a party for the Summer Sun Festival at the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest, a festival created long ago where all ponies stay up all night to party and witness the unicorns bringing up the sun on the longest day of the year. The invitation has been extended to absolutely everypony in the realm, so the party will surely be interesting! We are all in attendance for our own reasons, and indulging in the party as the time for dawn draws near…

Important characters

Starswirl the Bearded
M/Unicorn/? Cutie Mark representing ?
Archmage to the royal unicorn family and one of the strongest unicorn magicians ever to exist, Starswirl is a master of all magic and is wise beyond his surprisingly short years. He spends most of his time now as advisor and mentor to the Princesses of Equestria. The rest he spends inventing new magic. He keeps most things very close to his chest and dislikes interaction. He is most identifiable by his long robe, wizard’s hat, and white beard. Most ponies agree, he looks pretty silly. (Though his eccentricity and skill have garnered some fangirls, including Autumn Draught.)
It was Starswirl that found and suggested the alicorn sisters be the leaders of Equestria. It had been centuries since an alicorn had been seen, let alone two. When questioned about this, he would never give a good answer.

Princess Luna
F/Alicorn/Moon Cutie Mark representing Night
The younger of the Princesses, Princess Luna is slightly wild and very powerful. She is much more willing to leave her comfort zone to help a friend and much less willing to sugar coat criticism. She can be a little childish; she is more emotional and cares more about how others view her. She sees the world as more dichotomous than it is. Despite all this, she will put her personal problems aside to help others at a moment’s notice.
She controls the moon, and all aspects of the night. The night can be dangerous, and only somepony like her can deal with it. She also can enter anypony’s dreams and take complete control, interacting with them and helping them deal with their demons.
Together with her sister and the Elements of Harmony, she has defended Equestria from numerous attacks. Though she was integral to the defenses, Celestia always seems to get more recognition.

Princess Celestia
F/Alicorn/Sun Cutie Mark representing Day
The older of the Princesses, Princess Celestia is a calm and diplomatic leader. She represents Friendship and loves her subjects very much.

Curious about the world outside of Gryphonstone, Guidmulo abandoned his militaristic life much to the chagrin of his family and peers, in order to travel and see other parts of the realm. Demonstrating exceptional strength since hatchling age, expectations of Guidmulo were very high, and his departure was a major disappointment to his kin. Despite this, his craving for adventure lead him to abandoning his homeland, likely exiled after making such a choice.

Autumn Draught
F/47/Earth Pony
Autumn happily lived on a farm with her family before the migration and founding of Equestria. The whereabouts of any of her family that possibly survived the wendigos is unknown. Fearful of the militaristic pegasi, she still harbors a large amount of prejudice towards them, and even some for the snobbish unicorns. After the founding of Equestria, she moved as far away from others as possible and made her home at the edge of the Everfree Forest. She has faith in the Princesses, especially Luna, but not in anypony else. As a child, she was reckless experimenting with alchemical creations, but has turned into an extremely knowledgeable (albeit brusque) hermit. Her cutie mark is a flask, and she can create all kinds of things.

Sunny Beach

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